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Professional Septic Tank Cleaning in Williams Lake

Septic tank cleaning and pumping are one in the same. While bacteria naturally occurs in your septic tank to break down solids, some solids can’t be broken down completely. Wastewater naturally flows in and out of your septic tank, but the insoluble solids sitting at the bottom of your tank buildup as more waste is produced.

When the levels of solid waste in your septic tank are too high, you need septic tank cleaning. Triple P Sanitation has been providing environmentally-friendly septic tank cleaning services in Williams Lake for over 30 years. Our team is equipped with the right equipment to efficiently and effectively remove solid waste from your septic tank.

When & Why Do I Need Septic Tank Cleaning?

The more solids you dump into your septic tank system, such as foods put down your garburator, the more frequently you’ll need septic tank cleaning. If your tank is not cleaned regularly, the solids can accumulate at the bottom of your tank. This would eventually lead to the drain pipes and drain field becoming congested, which causes water retention around the drain field, foul odours, and sewage backups.

Depending on the size of your tank, the number of people living in your home, and the amount of waste you produce, your septic tank should be pumped every 2 to 5 years. Even if you have had a cleaning recently, there are some signs that indicate maintenance is necessary.

Signs You Need Septic Tank Cleaning

There may be times when your tank needs to be cleaned more frequently than the suggested timeline. Signs you need septic tank cleaning in Williams Lake, BC include:

  • Slow drainage – If the sinks, bathtubs, and toilets in your home are draining slower than usual, it’s a sign that your septic tank could be full. This issue can be caused by flushing unsafe materials. If unclogging the drains hasn’t worked, you most likely need septic tank cleaning. 
  • Gurgling sounds – If there are gurgling sounds while your sinks and bathtub are draining, this is another sign that you need to have your septic tank cleaned. 
  • Foul smells – If you notice bad smells by the drains in your home and by your septic tank outside, it’s a sign of a blocked drain that needs to be pumped. 
  • Water pooling – If there are suddenly pools of water in your backyard around your septic tank, it’s very likely that your tank is leaking water due to too much waste.
  • Sewage backup – When the septic tank is full, it may begin to backup into your drains and bathtub. This wastewater can be harmful to you and your family, so be sure to contact a professional for septic tank cleaning as well as cleaning inside of your home.

If you notice any of these signs at your home, you should call a professional team immediately to schedule septic tank cleaning. During septic tank cleaning, the technician will evaluate the system as a whole to identify potential problems so they can be addressed before they become serious.

Contact the Experts for Septic Tank Cleaning in Williams Lake, BC

Septic tank cleaning is not a job that can be performed by just anyone. To prevent hazardous gas leakage, which can affect your family and the local community, trained professionals must perform septic tank cleaning. At Triple P Sanitation, we provide professional septic tank cleaning in Williams Lake, BC and the surrounding areas so that you don’t have to worry about the consequences of improper cleaning.

If you need septic tank cleaning services in Williams Lake, be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment. We also offer septic tank inspections to ensure your system is working properly.

To learn more about our portable toilet rentals in Williams Lake, BC, or any of our other services, call 250-392-4414 or fill out our contact form. We also offer 24-hour emergency services for your convenience.

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