What causes the thick crust in my tank?

The crust is the organic material that has congealed into a solid mess. This condition can indicate a bacterial deficiency. The sanitation experts at Triple P Sanitation can advise if your tank needs pumping, and add CCLS® liquid to avoid future problems.

I had my tank pumped out last week. Is it possible that it’s full already?

Not only is it possible, it’s necessary. Septic tanks are designed to operate fullfor proper water/solids of separation.

Is there anything I can put in my tank to avoid pumping?

No. Some of the material in the tank is not biodegradable. This material must be pumped out.

My system backed up recently for the first time in many years. Why should I start maintaining it now?

Even though the back up may have been caused by broken pipes, tree roots intruding into your lines, or some other obstruction, it is also possible that this back up is the first sign of system failure. Call Triple P Sanitation in Williams Lake today to discuss your system.

The drainage in my house seems to be sluggish and sometimes temporarily backs up. I also sometimes have a foul odour and mushy ground in my backyard. Are these signs of a septic system failure?

These may or may not be signs of a deteriorating septic system. Call Triple P Sanitation in Williams Lake immediately to discuss these problems.